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The Outlandish Oddone
12 December
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I'm a simple Oddity, trying to live life as
easily as I can...

Which is what I first wrote when I got this journal. I still think that's me in a nutshell.

But you want to know more.

22 years old. Just starting out in the world.

I work at the Postal Service(Hate it but I don't know what else I can do at the moment for pay this good.).

Live in a small apartment in Salt Lake City Utah. I love being urban.

I'm Hispanic, if you haven't already guessed. It shouldn't matter, but some folks like to know these things.

I'm leaning towards being an Agnostic Humanist. I want to believe in the good people are capable of.

I've never been in a relationship, but would like to get over my fear of women, comitment, and failure to do so. I've never had a driver's license, but would like to get over my fear of killing the people I love in a screaming metal fireball to do so.

Potatoes are a favorite of mine. Any way you cooks them...well, most any way.

I have a soft spot for lovely women. "Lovely" is a broad term.

I try to be positive in my posts, and I try to genuinely care about the people I put on my friends list.

The rest you'll learn on the way. Welcome aboard.

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User Number: 90415
Date Created:2001-04-03
Number of Posts: 497

Oddone is an unabashed Livejournal *addict*, hooked since he first heard of the very concept of the place. He first logged in nearly three years ago just to see what it was about, soon got an account of his own, and has been lost ever since.
Strengths: Updates farily often. Has a decent grasp on spelling and grammar(though nothing spectacular. Is honest, even when detrimental to himself, doesn't not post friends only posts. Takes criticism well(Or at least *tries* to). Is a survivor. *Relentlessly* curious. Almost always willing to talk, and *always* willing to listen. Somehow has made many dear friends, and seems able to make more, if only in the Real World.
Weaknesses: Sometimes updates with trivial or useless information, is prone to bouts of depression and harping on it to excess. Doesn't have the best memory for even the most recent of events, could stand to be a *lot* better at commenting on friends' journals.
Special Skills: Multitasking, fast typing, and being very, very verbose in print as well as speech.
Weapons: General oddness, brash, outgoing personality, and very little shame in public. Also has access to cadre of over 1,000 Postal Warriors.
Motto:: That which doesn't kill us only makes us stranger.

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